Skeg Boot
A Skeg Boot, Skeg guard or Skeg protector is a Skeg repair component that protects the lower unit Skeg from rocks, debris, stumps or obstacles. The Skeg Boot absorbs the impact and protects the lower unit of the outboard from damage. Therfore the Skeg repair cost is alot lower or none at all. Avoid costly Skeg repairs with the original Skeg Boot. The Original Skeg Boot fits most makes of outboard motors and stern drives from 40 horse to 300 horses. Some fit may be required. Get your Skeg Boot at a huge discount of $59.95 Includes Shipping and Handling. Why pay more when you can get the Original Skeg Boot not an Imitation. Avoid those Skag repairs with the boot. All the original SkegBoot design was created in Crystal River Florida.
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$59.95 PO Box 5814 Spring Hill, Fl 34611-5814 Phone:1-813-843-7534           (1-813-843-SKEG) E-mail:
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